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Is Your Healthcare MSP Over-Committed?

First, let’s start with a definition of MSP.  According to the Staffing Industry Analysts: Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a service whereby a company takes on primary responsibility ...
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The Incestuous Nature of Healthcare Staffing VMS/MSP

Managed service providers (MSP) utilizing vendor management systems (VMS)  have been a part of US commerce for decades, starting with Ford Motor Company and moving across all market ...

Tips for Managing Risk When Hiring Contingent Workers

When it comes to managing the risk of utilizing a flexible workforce, MSP program managers and staffing buyers would do well to remember Benjamin Franklin’s axiom: “An ounce ...
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5 Key Strategies for Controlling Contingent Labor Costs

With contingent workers now comprising 40.4 percent of the U.S. workforce and growing, it’s imperative that MSP program managers help their clients manage and control the cost of ...

Why Your Contingent Workforce Program Isn’t Working

Contingent labor is an important and rapidly growing segment of today’s workforce. In 1983, contract workers accounted for just over 0.5% of all employment. Today’s average mix ...

Staffing or Managed Services? Determining What Fits Your Client’s Needs

One of the major questions many consulting companies struggle with when servicing clients is “Do we focus purely on staff augmentation or take the approach of a project-based, true ...

Getting Pay and Bill Rates Right

The attraction and retention of quality contingent workers has emerged as one of the biggest challenges for MSPs and their staffing partners. In the solution hunt, conventional wisdom ...

7 ways to be at the top of your MSP stack

MSP business in the last decade has become one of the fastest flourishing businesses within the Staffing industry. Back in the day, MSPs used to have very many suppliers within their ...

Supporting Clients’ CSR Initiatives Creates Cultural Bonds and Increased Value

As client relationships mature, coming up with new ways to create value and strengthen partnerships can be difficult in any industry. But creating added value for clients and end users ...

Rethinking Vendor Partnerships – MSPs Without Attitude

Back in the early 2000s when I worked at a staffing agency, we were encouraged to find corporate clients without a managed service provider (MSP) in place – and circumvent the MSP ...
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